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Everything must go!

We are moving out of our current offices, and have a lot of furniture and general items available

If you are interested in any of the below items, please contact [email protected]

First come first served and we are happy to negotiate price on items.  Pictures of items will be added daily

Event Chair  TrollyIMG_6738 Medium 2.jpeg


Event Chairs

IMG_6740 Medium 2.jpeg

60 Available
$40 each

Boardroom Table

IMG_6751 Medium.jpeg

seats 10-12

Meeting Table

IMG_6755 Medium 2.jpeg

Seats 4-6

Thermal Jug

IMG_6725 Medium.jpeg


Coat Rack
IMG_6741 Medium.jpeg

Meeting Chairs

IMG_6742 Medium.jpeg

16 Available
$30 each

Meeting table

IMG_6744 Medium.jpeg

seats 4-6


Eifel Tower Vases

IMG_6722 Medium.jpeg

$10 each

Static Whiteboard 


Samson Wireless Microphone Set

Includes: Reciever, wireless microphone, lapel mic, headset mic

Filing Cabinet 3 Draws Metallic (multiple available)


Mac Mini 


1TB Hard drive, 8GB Memory, 2.80 GHz


Bar Leaner 314548531_3450755208494914_2364298021655983398_n.jpeg


Note: you will need help to move this, as it does not pack down.

Innova Grip Mat

$5 each

Mobile Whiteboard



Deco M9 mesh nodes (3 available) 


$100 each 

Wooden Shelves314652005_654440716183316_4370260651560114148_n.jpeg$30

Large office Desks

314475941_542480980986571_6049390937838440206_n.jpeg1800L x 800d includes power sockets on desks - note these need to be wired into your premises - 10 in total, they do not stand alone, all can be connected together to make a pod of 2 - 8  desks.

$150 per desk or make us an offer

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