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Skills Development Advisory Service

ITP offers a free advisory service for Corporate Partners to help put in place professional development pathways for your IT teams.

This gives you access to some of the leading SFIA and skills management consultants in New Zealand to help get you started.

What the Advisory Service does

ITP Corporate Partners get access to some of New Zealand's leading SFIA experts to help them assess where a framework like SFIA can best assist them in developing their staff and IT capability.

Our team will work with you to put in place a plan to gain greater understanding of your current capability, map out your future requirements (aligned with your overall strategy), and create a roadmap to get there.

Through a combination of a survey data, document review and discussions our team will help you identify key areas that may be holding back your IT staff development activities, and will develop a set of concise recommendations to help you move forward in growing your team and capability.

Primarily we're looking to see how you identify what skills you need in your organisation and how you identify current and future staff skills and capabilities, and where this is in place we look at some of the key activities that support the development of integrated plans.

You can then either run with this plan yourself, hire a third party to implement it, or contract our new SFIA consulting arm (Partner Consulting) to help with implementation. ITP Corporate Partners receive a significant discount through Partner Consulting.

How you access the service

If you are an existing ITP Corporate Partner, your CIO or a senior member of the IT leadership team should contact our team at [email protected] and we'll be in touch to get you started. We usually follow-up to request some initial data and documentation and will then schedule a short discussion to follow-up.

If your organisation is not yet an ITP Corporate Partner, please get in touch and let us know you're interested in this service and becoming an ITP Corporate Partner. There are many other benefits to ITP Corporate Partnership - see here.

Who delivers it

The advisory service is delivered by ITP, and is led and overseen by ITP's Director of Digital Capability, Daniel Merriott. Daniel has many years of experience in this space.

If necessary we can also help with implementation via ITP's wholly owned subsidiary Partner Consulting. At Partner, you have access to some of New Zealand's leading SFIA consultants. There are also other consulting firms in New Zealand who can help with implementation.

Partner Consulting works with agencies and companies to align their internal digital skills with organisational strategic requirements, provide training, develop and implement ongoing professional development systems, plans and pathways, and ensure you get the very best from your team.

If you are a consultant providing similar services, get in touch. ITP's focus is on solving the problem and helping organisations develop their people and systems. We're keen to work together and create some great opportunities for all partners.

How much time will it take?

Gathering the initial information shouldn't take long (you may not have all the information that we ask for to hand and that's okay). Depending on the size and complexity of your IT team we'll arrange a number of follow-up sessions either remotely or in person, and these are typically scheduled over the course of a few weeks at convenient times.

A final session to review the recommendations will be arranged via video conference (or preferably in person for larger partners), and we can walk you through our recommendations and how to get started.

Involving your HR team

If you have an HR team or someone with responsibility for HR we strongly suggest keeping them informed and ideally involved. Our experience has been that working together with your HR team and those involved in supporting staff and organisation development yields better results and our approach is usually well received by HR professionals.

Getting started

There are limited slots available each month so you should get in early to register your interest.

Please email our team at [email protected] to register your interest now.

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