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Professional Practice Guidelines

As well as the Code of Ethics, IT Professionals NZ issues the ITP Code of Practice and the Professional Knowledge Curriculum. These documents provide practice guidelines and knowledge for all IT professionals.

ITP Code of Practice

Download Code of Code of Practice (PDF)The ITP Code of Practice is a guideline document for IT Professionals. It is not mandatory, however is a strongly endorsed practice guidelines.

The Code of Practice contains ethical considerations for all tech disciplines, as well as specific practice guidance for project managers, software developers, change management and much more.

The Code of Practice contains the following sections:

  • Practices common to all disciplines
  • Key IT Practices
  • Practices specific to Education and Research functions
  • Practices specific to Business Functions

Download the ITP Code of Practice


ITP Professional Knowledge Curriculum 

ITP has defined a Professional Knowledge Curriculum (PKC), covering the core "professional" knowledge required of all IT professionals.

The PKC is made up of 4 sections as outlined below. Note that familiarity with the full Curriculum is required for CTech and CITPNZ certifications, however this should be treated as "foundational" or "core" knowledge for all professionals.

The sections of the Professional Knowledge Curriculum are:

  • Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct
  • ICT Risk
  • Legal & Compliance Frameworks
  • Roles and Context of ICT within the Organisation

Download the Professional Knowledge Curriculum here


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