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ITP Marketplace

The ITP Marketplace is an upcoming ITP members-only portal featuring a host of discount and other offers from the ITP's Corporate and Educational Partners.

Offers on the ITP Marketplace include discounted courses and training, tools, services, rental cars, petrol, and much more.

For ITP Members

The ITP Marketplace provides a range of special discounts and offers on products and services, exclusively for ITP members.

Categories on the ITP Marketplace include:

  • Courses and Training
  • Tools for IT Professionals
  • Services
  • General interest

The ITP Marketplace will be up and running mid-2017.

For Corporate and Educational Partners

The ITP Marketplace provides ITP Corporate and Educational Partners the opportunity to get your relevant products or services in front of thousands of highly targeted IT Professionals for free.

To participate in the ITP Marketplace, partners must:

  • Make a substantial discount or offer for ITP members
  • Remain in the ITP Corporate or Educational Partner Programme

ITP doesn't charge a fee or take a commission - the ITP Marketplace is a free service for partners and members.

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