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About IT Professionals New Zealand

IT Professionals NZ is a community of thousands of professionals who work in the IT industry and care about professional practice, support professional development, set standards, and work hard to help other members get ahead. With a history spanning more than 60 years, ITP is the largest and most trusted tech body in New Zealand.

ITP is a not-for-profit Incorporated Society, and works hard to improve both the education and professional development of those broadly working with computers and technology and the computer-related education of the country as a whole. ITP represents around 10,000 tech professionals.

ITP's recognised Te Reo Maori (indigenous New Zealand) name is Te Pou Hangarau Ngaio.

This perfectly describes ITP's role as a support to its members:

  • Te Pou: the centre pole, the central post of a building such as a marae, i.e. the main support
  • Hangarau: the generally accepted word for technology
  • Ngaio: experts or professionals

So Te Pou Hangarau Ngaio means the central pole or structure supporting technology professionals.

ITP's legal name is Institute of IT Professionals New Zealand Incorporated.

ITP Vision Statement

ITP is the authoritative voice of the IT profession that leads professional development and good practice in IT.

ITP works with government, the education sector and academia, the industry, the IT community and the public at large to increase the education, professionalism and expertise of those working in the ICT sector and advance education across the board in the interests of New Zealand.

IT Professionals New Zealand is a vehicle by which members can engage and contribute to education and professional advancement. ITP representatives also actively represent the profession and the sector on many different education, policy and standards-setting boards across NZ and the world.

Our Branches

ITP's activities are carried out nationally, and in 7 branches across New Zealand. Find out about our branches and branch committees here.

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